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s training.Besides, the central government allocated a total of 3.74 billion yuan in rehabilitation and▓ poverty-relief interest-deducted loans to support 743,000 impoverished disabled people. The state subsidized the renovation▓ of dilapidated houses of 1.164 million rural households with disabled members, the report said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease s▓can the QR Code to follow us on

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WechatChinese President Xi Jinping has extended greetings to children of workers on islands in East China Sea ahead of Jun▓e 1, International Children's Day.President Xi extends greet▓ings to children of island

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workersPresident Xi extends greetings to children of island workers05-▓31-2016 21:42 BJTBEIJING, May 31 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping has extended greetings to children of workers on islands in Eas

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t China Sea ahead ▓of June 1, International Children's Day.In a letter written on Monday and made public ▓on Tuesday, Xi wrote of a visit to the Dachen Islands ten years ago when he talked with the children's

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    grandparents, who left home to develop the uninhabited islands 60 years ago.The Dachen Islands are located off Taizhou Bay in Zhe▓jian

    g Province. In 1956, 467 young volunteers went there to cultivate the virgin l▓and.Xi's letter was written in response to 1▓2 pupils who are the descendants of those volu

    nteers. Xi said their grandparents were most beloved people.The 12 pupils said they would remember their grandparents' dedicatio

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    n, and study hard to contribute to the country▓ when they grow up.Xi hoped they would learn from their grandparents, love the Communist

    Party of China, the motherland and the people, and make contributions to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Please scan the QR Code to f

    ollow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q▓R Code to follow us on WechatBuilding a better study-life balance for childrenBuilding a

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